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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Posted by Integrative Medicine Team on Dec 27, 2017 3:11:00 PM

Naturopathic medicine is a unique practice of medicine that combines natural therapeutic techniques with traditional medicine. Jacob Wolf, ND, LAc, Dipl OM, naturopathic provider and licensed oriental medicine provider, answers common questions about naturopathy: 

What is naturopathic medicine?

Just as there are different medical specialties, there are different types of medical practice. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct practice of medicine that emphasizes prevention and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Naturopathic providers treat each patient holistically, and develop personalized treatment plans that combine natural therapeutic techniques such as herbs and homeopathy with current medical advances.

Is naturopathic medicine real health care?

Yes. A common misconception is that naturopathic medicine isn’t backed by science–this is untrue. Naturopathic providers receive the same training in biomedical and diagnostic sciences as MDs and osteopathic doctors (DOs), plus training in naturopathic treatment methods. Combining both a rigorous scientific medical education with naturopathic training creates a complimentary education. While many naturopathic providers are trained in primary care, some choose to specialize in areas like endocrinology or gastroentronology. 

What can naturopathic medicine help treat?

Naturopathic medicine is a complete system of wellness that focuses on supporting the body’s natural ability to return to and maintain health. Jacob sees patients for conditions ranging from acute and chronic pain to allergies and digestive issues. As a naturopathic provider, he also sees patients for nutritional assessment and advice, health supplement guidance and homeopathic treatments. Jacob shares his treatment philosophy, “I feel it is often more important to know the person who has the disease, rather than just the disease the person has. My goal is to assist with a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health–I strive to find the root of the patient’s health problem.”

How are naturopathic providers trained?

Naturopathic providers are educated and trained in accredited naturopathic medical colleges and become experts in diagnosing, treating and preventing illnesses. Jacob received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and completed two years of naturopathic general medicine residency and holds a naturopathic physician license in Arizona. 


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Jacob Wolf, ND, LAc, Dipl OM, naturopathic provider and licensed oriental medicine provider, sees patients for a variety of acute and chronic issues. He uses a variety of methods to promote health including nutrition, homeopathy, and both western and traditional Chinese herbs. Learn about naturopathic medicine or make an appointment with a provider at the Lake Health Physician Group Integrative Medicine office


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