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5 Ways to Stay Active when Traveling

Posted by Integrative Medicine Team on Jul 6, 2017 3:09:00 PM

Summer is the time for family vacations, fun trips and new adventures. Often, this means relaxing on a beach with a cold drink in hand. Staying physically active is another great way to spend a vacation – it helps you stay fit and reduces stress!

The Lake Health Integrative Medicine team has 5 easy ideas to keep active when traveling:

1. Pack clothes and activities that you’ll need to be active. Athletic shoes, exercise clothing and a bathing suit are sure to give you a range of options. Consider packing a jump rope, yoga mat, resistance bands and headphones. You can also pack a Frisbee, football or volleyball to get your family active on the beach!

2. Use the hotel or campground’s resources. Many hotels have their own fitness centers. If they have a pool, swimming laps or doing water aerobics are a fun way to cool off. If the weather is bad and a fitness center isn’t available, you can walk the hotel halls and use the stairs to increase your step count and get your heart pumping.

3. Exercise in your room. Bring along exercise DVD’s to do yoga, Pilates, or kick boxing. Use resistance bands and do exercises that use the weight of your own body, like planks, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges or jumping jacks. Pack a kid’s fitness DVD for an easy way to burn off some extra energy before a long car ride.

Family Touring on Bikes Together.jpg4. Use what’s available in the local community. Explore nearby parks, beaches, walking  trails or running tracks. Rent bikes for a fun, active way to go sight-seeing. If you’re golfing, try walking the course instead of taking a cart. Find out if there is a local YMCA and get a day or week pass.

5. Take advantage of down time. Is your flight delayed or do you have a long lay-over? Get some steps and beat boredom by walking the terminal. Some airports even have areas to work out so wear your athletic shoes and throw an extra shirt in your carry-on just in case. Wear a pedometer to keep track how many steps you are getting.

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