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What to Expect Before, During and After Bariatric Surgery

Posted by Lake Health Bariatric Team on Jun 21, 2017 10:46:00 AM


Bariatric surgery is a several-step process that requires a team of qualified experts. Here we provide a summary of each step of that process. As you read through, remember to keep this in mind: You take only one step at a time, and we will take every step with you.

Step 1: Information

Familiarize yourself with the pre- and post-operation processes with an in-person or online webinar. You will learn the weight-loss operations Dr. Ben-Meir performs as well as information about the journey before and after surgery.

Step 2: Insurance

We call your insurance company to find out about your coverage for bariatric surgery and review that with you.

Step 3: Consultation

You come in for a consultation with Dr. Ben-Meir. He will conduct a thorough medical history, answer all your questions and together, you will determine which operation is most appropriate for you.

You also meet with Cindy, our patient coordinator, who will go over any insurance-based, pre-operative requirements.

Step 4: Monthly Appointments

Bariatric Education Meetins Image.jpg

You will meet with our dietitian, Alexis, on a monthly basis for education on eating for long-term success. With each meeting, you will learn a new healthy eating concept. This will help you build a foundation of knowledge and improved eating habits that you will use after your surgery.

You will also complete a pre-operative psychological evaluation with our program psychologist, Dr. Hilary Hassinger.

Step 5: Submission to Insurance

We compile and submit all of the information required by your insurance company for approval.

Step 6: Education Day

Once we receive your insurance approval, you are scheduled for an Education Day in the office. Our physician assistant, Dian, will explain what to expect the day of surgery, during your hospital stay and after your discharge home. Alexis, our dietitian, prepares you for the first two weeks after your surgery from a dietary perspective. You will also see the bariatric internal medicine physician, who gives final medical clearance.

Step 7: Surgery

Surgery is scheduled for two to three weeks after Education Day. You are usually in the hospital for two nights following surgery. You’ll return to the office for a two-week follow-up visit, where you will see Dian and Alexis. Alexis will explain the transition from liquid to pureed foods. At four weeks you will check in with Dian and learn from Alexis how to transition from pureed foods to soft solids, and then at six weeks you will see Dian and talk with Alexis about going from soft solids to regular food.

Step 8: Follow Up

We truly want to see you succeed; it is our mission. To help you with that, we recommend you follow up with us on a regular basis. Post-operative follow-up appointments are scheduled at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months with annual appointments after that. We also offer monthly support group meetings and have fun events such as our annual 5K Fun Walk/Run and Success Celebration.


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