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Making Money Count

Posted by Lake Health on Sep 24, 2019 9:40:00 PM

With a tumor wrapped around his spine, doctors thought 14-year-old Mark Flash would never walk again. Today, thanks to the great medical care he received as a teen, Mark does much more than simply walk. He plays tennis and enjoys fly fishing. But what’s most important are family, family time and making everything count.

Raised in Cleveland, this husband, father and grandfather has had quite a life. After earning a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Kent State University, Mark headed to Wall Street, where he spent 21 years as a successful stockbroker and partner in a financial investment firm. Then Mark made a personal decision to leave brokerage-life behind and pursue a second career, but he wasn’t sure what that would be.

With his financial expertise and some noteworthy contacts, Mark was invited to assist in the fundraising for a brand new medical facility. He admits he knew nothing about fundraising at the time, but had the tools of finance and a genuine compassion for medical care because of his own health journey. Mark joined the team and took an active role in the fundraising. Through the experience, he recognized the impact of things money could accomplish versus the value and importance of the money itself.

Today Lake Health is thrilled to introduce Mark Flash as the executive director of Lake Health Foundation, where he leads fundraising that has real impact in services, facilities and care. Mark believes that if someone is able to give to a charitable cause―regardless of the size of the gift, large or small―the person should consider what they have an emotional tie to. That decision allows for the gift to be a personal connection that has impact and brings reward.

"It’s not about the money," says Mark, "it's about what we do with the money. "

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If you would like to donate to Lake Health Foundation, contact Mark Flash at 440-354-1900 or send a message to  Mark.Flash@lakehealth.org.






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