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Triage: Above and Beyond

Posted by Lake Health on Oct 10, 2019 1:44:00 PM


Loyal. Dedicated. Focused. Kind. Exceptional. That’s Emergency Department triage tech Shelton Jones. He was recently recognized for taking a wheelchair to a patient struggling with a walker in the parking lot. But that’s just a drop in the bucket.

Shelton's a local. He believes in our community, his roots. He attended Auburn Career Center and Lakeland Community College. He worked at Lincoln Electric, trained as a first responder, worked for Cleveland and East Cleveland fire departments and progressed to EMT and paramedic. He came to Lake Health as a triage paramedic in November 2001.

Photo of Emergency Room Triage Tech Shelton Jones, standing by Nurses Station

At West Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Shelton’s the first caregiver the patient sees. He greets patients, determines if their condition is stable or unstable and initiates care with bloodwork, labs, IV lines and EKGs. He’s gentle and competent. Stressed patients and families are eased, comforted, relieved. Children even get stickers!

No matter what, if Shelton sees a need, he’s on it.

“Doing my best for Lake Health and our patients and their families is my number one priority,” says Shelton.

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