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"Inspire-d" Weight-loss Success

Posted by Lake Health on Nov 26, 2020 12:35:00 PM

Karen Leaphart started 2019 unhappy and unhealthy. After a few years of steady weight increase, she found herself at the doctor with an ultimatum: Lose weight in six months or begin medication for high cholesterol. Karen needed serious help. Nothing she had been doing was working to get the weight off, and she wanted lasting weight-loss success for a healthier future.

Karen knew her sister Donna also had weight-loss goals. Together they had already joined LiveHealthy, Lake Health’s medically based fitness center, to support one another in their quest for better health. On February 13, they began the LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss program.

Photo of Karen and Donna after Inspire Weight Loss program.

“When Donna and I found out about the Inspire Weight Loss program, we knew we had to make the commitment. We decided that 2019 was going to be the last time we would make the New Year’s resolution to lose weight,” says Karen.

How it works

Inspire is a 90-day weight-loss program for those looking to lose 25 pounds or more. It’s not the typical calorie counting regimen. It puts everything together―more than just food―to bring success. The program provides the three things necessary for success: structure, support and tools.

The LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss program includes weekly meetings led by a health professional coach; a supportive small group environment; and a structured meal plan with meal replacements, fruits and vegetables. The education and coaching focus on meal planning, realistic goal setting, exercise, stress management, life balance and lifestyle change.


When Karen and Donna’s program ended in July, they signed up for follow-up weight maintenance options for additional weight loss and support. Follow-up programs offer extra coaching on healthy food choices and exercise for continued support, accountability and success.

Inspire is a steady weight-loss program. Its education, coaching and group support bring the lifestyle change and understanding that help keep the pounds off.

So far, Karen has lost 70 pounds and once again enjoys healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Donna has lost 47 pounds.

“It works! I was looking down the path toward cholesterol medications, but not now. I’m in one of the happiest places I’ve ever been and I owe it all to this program!” says Karen.

“When considering LiveHealthy’s Inspire Weight Loss program last January, I thought, ‘No matter what, the weeks will go by. What will I do with that time?’” Donna says. “When it was over, I wanted to look back on that time without regret, knowing I made the right choice.”

For more information, contact LiveHealthy at 440-701-7537 or click here to join a free informational meeting.

You should know:

New group sessions of the LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss program begin every month. Join anytime.


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